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How to making personal safety protection in petrochemical industry

May. 07, 2020

The petrochemical industry has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure, flammability, explosive and many harmful chemicals. There are potential dangers of flammable, explosive and leakage in production, storage and transportation. Every year, explosions, leaks, casualties, etc. occur in chemical companies. Therefore, it is fundamental to grasp safety from the root, and employees' own safety awareness cannot be ignored. Many enterprises in the past still ignore the safety precautions of their employees and ignore the safety hazards existing in the enterprise, which often leads to tragedies.


1. Head protection system


The head is the most vulnerable part of the human body, especially in work, head protection is particularly important; when the operator's head is hit by a falling object, the helmet shell and cap liner are used to decompose the impact force in an instant. To the entire area of the skull, and then use the various parts of the helmet: the structure and materials of the cap shell and cap liner and the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and The allowable structural damage absorbs most of the impact force, which reduces the final impact force on the personnel's head to below 4900N, thereby protecting the operator's head from injury or reducing injury.


2. Respiratory protection system


Toxic and harmful gases in petrochemical enterprises often take our lives inadvertently. A gas mask suitable for you can make you breathe more smoothly and make you more comfortable in your work.


3. Eye protection system


In petrochemical enterprises, toxic and harmful gases and liquids can damage our eyes and can cause permanent blindness. Therefore, eye protection is the best protective equipment, and professional and complete eye protection should be used.


4. Body protection system


The poisonous and harmful substances in the petrochemical work environment not only cause damage to our bare skin, but also some poisonous and harmful vapors are difficult to protect with normal work clothes. At this time, choosing an appropriate chemical protective clothing is essential, it can protect us to minimize damage.


5. Hand protection system


Smart hands are the foundation of our work, it is very important to protect our hands. In chemical companies, choosing a pair of protective gloves suitable for you is like putting on protective clothing for your hands, so that you can be more comfortable at work.


6. Foot protection system


The strong acid-base environment of petrochemical enterprises can easily make our general work shoes deg cracked. Safety shoes can provide us with comprehensive protection assistance.


7. Gas detection system


The timely detection of danger is the most critical, and some of the toxic and harmful gases in petrochemical enterprises cannot be detected by smell, and some can kill people within seconds. Therefore, timely detection of dangerous situations and timely handling is the key. The gas detector solves this problem very well, the response is quick and sensitive, and the danger is eliminated at the source.


8. Leakage treatment system


Environmental issues are increasingly concerned by us, and the pollution of the environment by petrochemical companies has been plagued by the great development of our companies. Use professional leak treatment systems including oil absorption series, liquid absorption series, and universal series to control leakage at the source.


9. Eyewash system


Eye is an organ that is more fragile for human beings. In case of chemicals splashing into your eyes, please don’t panic. Use a professional eyewash system to minimize the damage to your eyes.


10. Explosion-proof lighting system, non-sparking tools


In most production environments, there are flammable or combustible gases, dust, or fine fibers. The presence of these substances puts the environment in potential danger. Any action may cause sparks that may cause an explosion or fire. Therefore, in the industrial production industry, professional explosion-proof flashlights and non-sparking tools must be used.

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